Masters of Advocacy Seminar in Orlando

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I’ve teamed up with legal training superstar Adriana Linares to launch the Masters of Advocacy program. I founded the program to create a forum where well known attorneys, veteran trial lawyers, young lawyers and law students can share ideas about the pursuit of justice and the art of trying cases. On July 27, we held our first seminar: Dynamic Voir Dire and Jury Investigations. We had a great participation, including many assistant public defenders from the 7th and 18th circuits.

We’re currently building our fall schedule, and we may have an event near you soon.

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What is Justice for Sam DuBose?

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I sat down with reporter Amy Green from WMFE, our local NPR affiliate, to talk about the Sam DuBose Case. Amy referenced my recent CNN op-ed entitled “What Is Real Justice for Eric Garner?”, and she asked me what justice for Sam DuBose would look like. Sam’s family wants to make sure his memory is dignified, and that will only happen if Sam is one of the catalysts for fixing the criminal justice system -- particularly reforming how law enforcement officers interact with black men.

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From Zimmerman to DuBose

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I appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes as an advocate for the DuBose family. Chris, like many others, pointed out the apparent dichotomy between my representation of George Zimmerman and my current representation of Sam DuBose’s family. The truth is that criminal defense attorneys are also civil rights attorneys. For 32 years, I’ve been representing citizens accused in the criminal justice system, and I know firsthand that minorities, and black men especially, are disproportionately represented. Whether the facts supported it or not, the Zimmerman case launched a social movement that has raised the national awareness of racial inequity in our justice system. Chris asks me if I had it to do over again, would I still have taken the Zimmerman case, and I say “absolutely.” I cannot deny that it has given me the opportunity to take other cases like Sam DuBose, Mathew Ajibade, and Sean Grant, and it has given me the opportunity to speak out against an injustice that I’ve been fighting my entire career.

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CNN Op-ed: What Jared Fogle Faces

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cnnJared Fogle, famed pitchman for the Subway restaurant chain, has some problems. On Tuesday, law enforcement investigators confiscated electronics from Fogle's property in Zionsville, Indiana, while helicopters hovered overhead.

The seizure was very likely part of an investigation into the case of Russell Taylor, who had been charged two months ago with breaking federal child pornography laws. At the time of his May 6 arrest, Taylor served as the executive director of The Jared Foundation, Fogle's outreach program.

Fogle is not charged with anything, and federal authorities say he is not under investigation. But if any of the seized devices contain child pornography, and if he had access to it, Fogle may soon face charges as well.

Whatever the meaning of the confiscations from Fogle's property, the incident offers a good teachable moment on child pornography crime.

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