Working to Reunite Baby Penelope with Mom

Written by Mark O'Mara on . Posted in Outreach

Last year, I had the privilege of reuniting Sarah Markham with her baby boy. If you recall, Sarah Markham is the vegan mom who lost her baby to child protective services after insisting on vegan formula. It took us more than five months to reunite mother and child, and the experience reminded me how broken and dysfunctional the system is. Now I’m embroiled in another high-profile fight, this time to reunite Baby Penelope with her mother, Jesse McCreery. It’s been 9 days since Jesse has seen Penelope -- and it’s not because Jesse has been prohibited from seeing the baby; she has been permitted supervised visits. It is simply because DCF has been unwilling or unable work with the foster parents to coordinate the visits. That is unacceptable and is more criminal than any act Jessica is alleged to have done.

I express some of my frustrations in this news report»