Dunn Trial: Angela Corey's team faces a much stronger defense this time

Written by Mark O'Mara on . Posted in Opinion

The first time Michael Dunn stood trial for the shooting of Jordan Davis, Dunn’s lawyer, Cory Strolla, mounted a scattered, shotgun approach to the defense and it came across, at times, disorganized. A defense attorney runs the risk of desensitizing a jury to what’s important if every point is argued. It’s better to acknowledge that which is either easily provable, or not particularly relevant to the defense, that you want them to focus on. Dunn’s new legal team, led by veteran trial attorney Waffa Hanania, demonstrated a much more focused and coordinated approach.

This much is clear: State Attorney Angela Corey’s team faces a much stronger defense. If the state cannot significantly improve their argument or offer some compelling new testimony, then it seems unlikely they’ll fare any better than they did last time.