Terry Jackson Friend of the Constitution Award

Written by Mark O'Mara on . Posted in Education

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Terry Jackson was a Savannah criminal defense lawyer known for his dedication to both his clients and his profession. He lived his life fighting for the idea that every citizen accused should be entitled to a vigorous and competent defense. He was also a true believer in the Constitution -- that the spirit of that document was to protect the rights of individuals against undue government intrusion. Terry left us in 2012, but only after being the first recipient of the Terry Jackson Friend of the Constitution Award. The award recognizes those who give a lifetime of service to their profession and to their clients: those who take on and vigorously defend those cases that are difficult and unpopular.

I was both surprised and honored to be contacted by Sam Dennis, the President of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, who informed me that the Board of Directors agreed that I would be the 2015 recipient. I’m privileged to be able to follow in Terry Jackson’s footsteps and also those of Doug Peters, the 2013 recipient, and Dwight Thomas, the 2014 award winner. I will cherish the honor, and do my best to be true to the award and to Terry’s legacy.