Why prosecutor is retrying 'loud music' murder case

Written by Mark O'Mara on . Posted in Media

Michael Dunn will stand trial for the shooting of Jordan Davis -- again.

When a Jacksonville jury failed to reach a verdict on the first-degree murder charge last February, they gave Florida State Attorney Angela Corey the opportunity for a do-over, and she's taking it.

Jury selection for the retrial begins September 22.

It was Angela Corey's prosecutors that I faced as a defense lawyer during the George Zimmerman trial last year -- a case with social themes echoed by the Dunn trial.

While the first jury hung on the murder charge involving Davis' death, they did hand down a guilty verdict on three counts of attempted second-degree murder in the firing of shots at Davis' companions. The minimum mandatory sentence will be 60 years, which, for a 47-year-old man, is a life sentence. So if Michael Dunn, who had complained about the volume of music coming from Davis' SUV, is already sentenced to life in prison, why bother with another trial?